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Being a member of the Minnesota Counseling Association can provide you with up to date information about the profession, can provide networking and volunteer opportunities and other great benefits for students! As a member, you can attend most MnCA workshops for free or reduced cost and have an opportunity to network with potential supervisors, employers, and others already working in the field! Make a difference! Join the MnCA and help us drive the legislation that affects our profession and the people we serve. Volunteer for a role within the association and help serve counseling professionals statewide!

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Professional Counselors are educated at the Master’s level and carry the license of Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) or Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor Counseling (LPCC). Professionals are trained and licensed to provide mental health assessment, diagnosis, and counseling treatment/therapy for patients and clients in need of professional counseling support. Please refer to the BBHT for more information about the requirements and scope of practice for each license.

Minnesota Counseling/Clinical Counseling Schools
The following are links to counseling programs available in Minnesota. If you are wishing to apply for enrollment in a Master’s program for counseling, the MnCA encourages you to thoroughly investigate each program of interest to ensure that you are applying for the program that best fits your needs and outcome goals.

Argosy University

Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies

MnCA: A Part of the American Counseling Association

The mission of the Minnesota Counseling Association is “to provide information and resources about the counseling profession; and to provide networking, education, legislative and other support for Minnesota’s professional counselors.”